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International Drag Racing Hall of Fame

CA 92220

1956 – 1967 Owner-Builder of numerous record-setting dragsters; built engines, cars, metalwork, and others

1960 – 1965 Fireman (Beverly Hills, CA)

1960 – 1967 Breedlove Land Speed Program
Crew Chief & Shop Foreman. Participated in designs & construction. Supervised shop and race course operations. From 1965-1967, was also General manager and the car show and personal appearance bookings; ran the Breedlove businesses

Set 6 world land speed records (400-600 mph) and dozens of closed course records with Fort Daytona Coupe

Mickey Thompson (Indy cars)
Fabricator and mechanic

Smokey Yunick (Trans-am camaro and Nascar Chevelle)
Fabricator and mechanic

Mickey Thompson (Landspeed Car and Drag race car driven by Danny Ongais). Participated in construction and layout

Quin Epperly (Indy Car)
Participated in construction

Smokey Yunick (Chevy Indy Car)

1971 Self-employed, doing race car metalwork, fabrication
Participated in Mickey Thompson’s various racing programs

Warner Hodgdon (Indy Car)
Participated in fabrication and construction

1979 – 1982 Danny Thompson (desert & stadium class 1)
Built and maintained the cars

Danny Thompson (SCCA F/Atlantic)
Rebuilt the chassis, running gear, built aluminum body and maintained the cars

1982 – 1984 Glenn Harris (SCCA Super Vee)
Chief Mechanic and Fabricator

Won the Super 1600 Championship (Glenn Harris)
Chief Mechanic & Fabricator

1985 – 1989 Mazda stadium truck program
Designer, Builder, Chief Mechanic & Crew Chief

Won Grand National Sport Truck Championship (Jeff Huber)

1989 – 1991 Sage Council Racing Team (stadium super 1600 and desert 7s)
Designer, Builder and Chief Mechanic
Won 1991 San Felipe 250

1992 – 1996 Venable Racing
Designer, Builder and Chief Mechanic Stadium Program

1992 – 1994 Won Super 1600 Championship 3 consecutive years (Jerry Whelchel)
Designer, Builder, Chief Mechanic and Owner

1995 – 1996 Venable Racing
Designed and built Trophy Truck driven by Rob MacCachren in the SCORE desert racing series. Won 1996 Baja 500 & 1996 Laughlin Desert Challenge

1997 – present Designed, built and campaigned all-wheel drive Pro-4 Ford truck driven by Rob MacCachren in the CORR series. Won numerous events, most notably 1999 Borg – Warner Manufacturers Challenge Cup

Designed, built an all-wheel drive open-wheel desert vehicle currently being campaigned by the Riviera Racing team

1999 – present Designing and building improved version of all-wheel drive vehicles


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